SeaWine Travel | Georgian gastronomy: K’ARGI MADA !
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Georgian gastronomy: K’ARGI MADA !

``Every Georgian dish is a poem``. Alexander Pouchkine


Georgian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes seasoned with wild herbs and spices and each historic province of Georgia has its own distinctive culinary traditions, such as Megrelian, Kakhetian and Imeretian cuisine. Although meat is important, attention is paid to salads, vegetables and fruits.

Khatchapouri, melting cheese bread: a national dish, for sale everywhere, in the restaurant, on the street or in fast food. It is a kind of cheese donut (finally, a dairy product approaching the cheese but differing a little in its development) melted very salty, served hot and known in different variants or regional form. Very cheap, it will save more than one hunger on the roads!

Other breads such as Mchadi (corn bread), Chvishtari (cheese corn bread) and Ghomi, a cornmeal porridge similar to polenta, are traditional breads made from corn. The Lobiani is a bread filled with red beans, fried onions and spices.



Considered by many to be Georgia’s other national dish, khinkali are ravioli made from shredded paste, stuffed with meat and spices, lamb or Imeretian cheese mixed with cottage cheese, mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Seasoned with coriander, chili and onions, they are the signature of those from Tbilisi!



A wide range of fresh and organic meat dishes such as pork or lamb, chicken or fish, hazelnuts and nuts, and the very wide variety of cheeses. All accompanied with eggplant, raisins, wheat, pomegranates, green beans, coriander, leek, hot peppers, mint, basil, garlic …

Various other dishes of meat and meatballs, but also the unavoidable Mtsvadi, the Georgian barbecue and its grill on a fire of vine watered with a fresh juice of pomegranate.

Pork is undoubtedly the favorite meat of Georgians, it is found in all the flagship dishes of the country’s cuisine. In skewers, in soups, in soup, in khinkalis ravioli, it is omnipresent. It even seems that Georgian Muslims do not mind eating it!

Wild mushrooms “Kalmakha” grow abundantly in Georgia and therefore these mushrooms are very present in Georgian cuisine.



Pickles. On every Georgian table and in every market, there is a dedicated place for garlic heads, green tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines or the deliciously marinated “Jonjoli”, a dish made from marinated cabbages from a shrub grown locally.

On the “saucier” side, nobody leaves the country without taking a bottle of Tkemali, the Georgian Ketchup a delight made from plums! red or green.



Finally, let’s softening with traditional Georgian desserts prepared with fruits and nuts rather than butter and eggs, such as Pelamushi, a delicacy containing grape juice mixed with sugar and flour.

Other sweet dishes are welcomed such as Gozinaki, a crunchy bar with honey and nuts, Churchkhela a specialty with nuts or hazelnuts, Kada, biscuits with butter ..