SeaWine Travel | Wine Tour in Georgia or Armenia
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Photo credit : Barbara Bacic / Frautori / Kelsey Petri / Khareba winery

Wine Tour in Georgia or Armenia

“Cradle of wine”

Georgia : Love at first sight in Tbilissi


Door between East and West, enclaved between the Caspian sea and the Black Sea, Georgia is yours.Vineyard and wine country, wild beauty of the Caucasus!

Considered as one of the oldest wine growing civilizations (8 000 Vintages!), according to researchers, it was in the South that humans has, for the first time grown the vine and produced the first wine.


Why should you choose SeaWine Travel?


  • To discover its an ancestral know-how, a mosaic of terroirs and wealth of unique indigenous grape varieties.
  • To let yourself be captivated by the conviviality and generosity of its inhabitants, charmed by its mild southern climate, by its delightful cuisine rich in diverse influences.
  • You will remain under the spell of this unique culture, of this Authentic Georgia!
  • To discover this rich cultural heritage with many sites classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • To see the emblem of Georgian wines: Kvevri, which is on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • To visit the capital and discover the indisputable charm of Tbilisi.
  • To meet Georgian people with an unprecedented generosity and hospitality.


Push the door of this unusual places : Kakhetie, Tbilissi, Imereti and so on


SeaWine Travel offers you an extension on this circuit in Armenia.

Armenia is still a land-locked country of immense cultural wealth with many edifices classified as the World Heritage of UNESCO.


Explore with SeaWine Travel this country where the wine regions are located between 800 and 1900m altitude. It hasn’t been an obstacle for Armenia to be one of the first countries to grow grapes and discover wine.


During your stay you will quickly realize that this country has a very rich architecture because there are hundreds churches and monasteries in Armenia. It’s not due to the hasard that we call Armenia the « open-air museum ».


The landscapes in Armenia are characterized by its lakes, mountains ranges, waterfalls, canyons, plains and forests. You will surely not remain indifferent towards there panoramas.

Our advantages

  • Our tours start from 6 days / 5 nights
  • Possibility to leave from Paris or some provincial cities : Bordeaux and Toulouse
  • Visits are in French or English.

Practical information about Georgia

No visa. Valid passport or identity card
Population : 3 700 000
Surface : 69 700 km2
Official langage : Georgian (unique alphabet in the world)
Currency : Lari (GEL), bring cash, the credit card will not be of much use.
Capital : Tiblissi
Time difference : 2 hours
The telephonic code : +995
Climat : Continental. Cold winter (up to -20°C), hot and sunny summer. The best period is from April to October.

Main grape varieties : Saperavi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli

Practical information about Armenia

No visa. Valid passport or identity card
Population : 3 260 600
Surface : 29 800 km2
Official langage : Armenian and Russian
Currency : Dram (AMD)
The highest peak : 4090 m (Mount Aragats)
Capital : Erevan
Time difference : 2 hours
The telephonic code : +374
Climat : Continental. Cold winter (up to -20°C), hot and sunny summer. The best period is from April to October.

Main grape varieties : Areni Black, Khndogni / Tchilar, Voskehat, Mskhali.

This tour will leave you speechless!