SeaWine Travel | Our cruises in Croatia
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Photo credit : Barbara Bacic / Aleksandar Gospić / Domagoj Sever / Ivo Biočina

Our cruises in Croatia

The watchword on the boat or on the ground : enjoy your holidays to the full!

Departure : Dubrovnik or Split, get on board with us on one of our catamarans to explore the sea road of Croatian wines. Chosen especially for you according to your wishes, your needs, to discover Croatian islands.


A perfect occasion to discover the thousands of islands that this wonderful Croatia hides to us, with no less than 1 200 islands.


Sailing from islands to islands, stroll on the beaches, dive in the crystal-clear waters, discover the greatest Croatian sites, sail to vineyards, in short discover, taste, and dream !

Why should you choose SeaWine Travel ?


  • If you want to have a wine expertise with specialized and qualified professional.
  • I you want to discover a country in a different way.
  • I you to switch between visits, swim, sail, tasting and gastronomy
  • If you want to enjoy these simple pleasures and make culinarily discoveries
  • If you want to discover a country with a millenary tradition of vineyards with no less than 130 grape varieties.


« A dozen islands, a million memories at sea, luckily you don’t need to use your imagination, the country has done it for you. »

Our advantages

  • Our tours are from 7 nights/8days
  • An accompaniment during the whole stay with passionates, experts and specialized of Croatia
  • A tailor-made travel according to your desires
  • Destinations with 3 hours flight time
  • A wide choice of Wine Tours
  • A proximity with the wine growers
  • An unerring knowledge of wines from Croatia
  • A guaranteed change of scenery
  • Local French-speaking guides

Practical information

Starting point : Split or Dubrovnik
Boat : A catamaran or a sail boat chosen together according to your wishes and needs
Sail period : The best period is from May to October

A one hour master class on the catamaran introducing: the region, the vineyard, the wines.