SeaWine Travel | ISTRIA, the north of Croatia
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ISTRIA, the north of Croatia

Welcome to Istria - Dobrodosli u Istra!


Istria is a very beautiful region of Croatia, a peninsula with abundant historical heritage, rich and colorful.

Hilly and green, it plunges its 540 km of coast into the Adriatic Sea and the clarity of its green waters, its blue waters.

Its fortified medieval cities are crossroads of refined civilizations that have enriched the cultural diversity of Istria throughout history. Histrians, Celts, Romans of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through Byzantium, Slavs and Venetians have left much more than mere stories of the past: by visiting these cities you will understand why this region is so special.

In Istria the history of the vineyard is as rich as that of its civilization and makes the most convincing, the name of the bay of Kalavojna near Pula, was baptized by the Greek “bay of good wine”.

The white varieties: malvoisie, muškat … or red: teran, merlot, cabernet sauvignon … and the beauty of the vineyards offer illustrious and tasty moments of tasting.


The beaches of sand, flat rocks or pebbles, the bays lined with pine forests or the coves with the mineral case are so many territories bathed in sun and heat.

From May to September the climate in Istria is conducive to swimming and idleness, and the water of the Adriatic absolutely crystalline, and its red soil.

There are more than 100 bike paths on a total length of 3200 km!

Let Istria take you on its roads wine and truffles, olives and honey ..




Territory of 2813 km2 – The main cities: Pula, Poreč, Rovinj,

Type: County – Towns and villages: 41

Inhabitants: 208,681 inhabitants / Pula 58,594 inhabitants

Altitude: 1396 meters – Time zone: UTC + 1:00


Climate in Istria

Temperate, his four seasons are well marked. The mountains and the proximity of the sea affect the weather. There are 2 main climate zones in Croatia (Mediterranean climate and continental climate) and a mountain climate on the peaks.

Because many cultures have succeeded each other on their land, visiting Istria is a journey of history and the gates of its small towns have been open for hundreds of years.

Let yourself be pampered by its inhabitants, always delighted to propose to discover the places and the gastronomy of their local cuisine.

And let the peninsula delight you with the original beauty of its nature, its epithet? Terra magica.