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SeaWine Travel spécialiste du Wine Tour en Croatie Géorgie Hongrie Bosnie-Herzégovine Arménie Serbie Grèce Crète et France
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You are a group of friends, passionates, amateurs or experts (more than 6 people), SeaWine Travel brings you to the heart of the culture, of the gastronomy, of the heritage and of the vineyards from Eastern countries, Mediterranean Basin and Caucasus, off the beaten track ! In this world in constant movement take the time to slow down.

Work council, clubs, team building

Originals travel ideas, unique activities for your customers, partners, employees around destinations still not well known from the general public. Come and discover countries full of history between secular traditions, quality terroirs, historical and natural heritage. « SeaWine Travel » guides and informs you for the conception of your travels.

Studies and professional travels

Cradle of wine, The Eastern countries have some nice surprises for you. Our team of experts will accompany you to the wine-growers who tell you their stories and their know-how. Push the doors of this passionate wine-growers

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Croatia in all its forms !

In addition to a national heritage rich in history, Croatia offers you whatever the season, the amazing beauty of its nature, magnificent beaches, one of the purest seas on the planet, hidden bays, mysterious mountain peaks… Add to that two other major assets : a generous gastronomy and wines of great renowned and you will have Croatia !

The first experience with Croatian wines, made from about 130 autochtones grape varieties can be discouraging because of the name difficult to pronounce for foreign visitors.

However we are sure that after few sips, all your pronunciation problems will disappear ! You will not regret it, especially with the grape varieties of the coastal region of Croatia, which are at the origin of stunning wines.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Croatia off the beaten track.

A change of scenery only 2 hours from France!


And press releases

Discover the best-kept secrets of our destinations that only need them to shine …

… however we dare to tell them.


On the program of the magazine:

Wine tour in Catamaran, enchanting villages, portraits of winemakers, discovering grape varieties and wines, unique gastronomies and exceptional vineyards await you!

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