SeaWine Travel | Wine Tour in Istria
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Photo credit : Barbara Bacic /  I.Pervan

Wine Tour in Istria

« The Croate dolce vita! »

Istria reminds for some people of nearby Italy; others see in its rocky coves and its cristal sea water as an unique charm. You will start your stay by Italia, with the region of Frioul and, having a romantic day while discovering the charm of Venice.


It is here that the Mediterranean heat meets the cold coming from the Alpes mountains, thus making the climate cooler and the nature wild. The white and rocky landscapes, so typical of Dalmatia, give place to the red soil of Istria. A peaceful oasis and Mediterranean beauty, Istria offers a preserved coastline, charming little fishing ports and narrow streets where it is pleasant to get lost.  A crossroads of refined civilizations with rich cultural diversity that will undoubtedly stimulate your curiosity. From Venice, you will get on board with us and will discover this region, seeking in peace.


Why should you choose SeaWine Travel?


  • To immerse yourself in its long and rich history that made the region unique. A Venetian influence, wonderful baroque palaces, narrow streets and roman vestiges scatter.
  • To discover a rich wine culture, with grape varieties which is adapt to the mild coastal climate, such as Malvazija Istarska, Zlahtina and Teran; the base of the culture of wine in this region.
  • To discover the diversity of the gastronomy: wine of course, sheep cheese, but also and especially truffles.
  • To taste the olive oil, one of the best in the world, with local varieties that are often awarded internationally.



In the heart of a region with beautiful landscapes.

Our advantages

  • Our Tours are from 6 days/5 nights
  • An accompaniment during the whole stay with passionates, experts and specialized of Croatia
  • A tailor-made travel according to your desires
  • Destinations with 3 hours flight time
  • A wide choice of Wine Tours
  • A proximity with the wine growers
  • An unerring knowledge of wines from Croatia
  • A guaranteed change of scenery
  • Accommodation chosen with the greatest care
  • Local French-speaking guides

Practical information about Croatia

Population : 4 170 000
Surface : 56 594 km2
Official langage : Croate
Currency : Kuna
Capital : Zagreb
Time difference : No time difference
Electricity : no adaptor required
The telephonic code : +385
Climat : Variable by region; continental: harsh cold winter, warm Mediterranean summer: very hot summer and mild winter. The best period is from April to October.

Main grape varieties : Plavac Mali, Posip Cabernet, Malvasia of Istria