SeaWine Travel | Wine Tour in Southern Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
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Photo credit : Barbara Bacic / Lassi Kurkijärvi

Wine Tour in Southern Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

“The Nuggets of the Adriatic Sea”

Sea Wine Travel offers you a tailor-made and timeless stay.

Starting our trip in Southern Croatia, we will make you discover Dalmatia, a region rich in history, culture and gastronomy.


One of the most beautiful parts of the Dalmatian coast runs along Croatia, between Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik.


Why should you choose SeaWine Travel?


  • To visit palaces and monasteries and explore the splendid cities of Split and Dubrovnik.
  • To discover gastronomy. All you have to do is choose from the many Dalmatian culinary specialities, each one more delicious than the next.
  • To discover the island vineyards, the islands of Hvar, Brac and Korčula by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.


Dalmatia is undoubtedly a wine-growing region where its people, proud of these traditions, will be happy to reveal to you all their know-how.

Come discover large vineyards characterized by an incredible diversity of climates for such a small country.


You are lucky Dalmatia has the most beautiful sites of Croatia, you do not risk to be bored!

On this tour SeaWine Travel offers you an extension in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


You will undoubtedly fall under the charm of this Sleeping Beauty of the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina will unveil all its mysteries to you, between wine traditions, mixture of cultures and a rich history.


Fascinating landscapes and a culture halfway between East and West, Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a strong multiculturalism that makes the richness and particularity of the country.


Bosnia-Herzegovina has also a long wine-growing tradition…

The vineyard is developed on the basis of native grape varieties that had resist to the ice age.

Our advantages

  • Our Wine Tour are from 5 days/4 nights
  • An accompaniment during the whole stay with passionates, experts and specialized of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • A tailor-made travel according to your desires
  • Destinations with 3 hours flight time
  • A wide choice of Wine Tours
  • A proximity with the wine growers
  • An unerring knowledge of wines from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • A guaranteed change of scenery
  • Accommodation chosen with the greatest care
  • Local French-speaking guides to know everything

Practical information about Croatia

Population : 4 170 000
Surface : 56 594 km2
Official langage : Croate
Currency : Kuna
Capital : Zagreb
Time difference : No time difference
Electricity : no adaptor required
The telephonic code : +385
Climat : Variable by region; continental: harsh cold winter, warm Mediterranean summer: very hot summer and mild winter. The best period is from April to October.

Practical information about Bosnia Herzegovina

Population : 3 861 920
Surface : 51 197 km2
Official langage : Bosnian, Serbian and Croate
Currency : Mark
Capital : Sarajevo
Time difference : No time difference
The telephonic code : +387
Climat : Mediterranean and continental in the North. Winters are mild (5°C average). Summers are very hot and sunny (up to 35-40°C). The best period is from April to October.

These regions still have many secrets to reveal!