SeaWine Travel | Wines and vineyards of Istria
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Wines and vineyards of Istria

Stars of the region


Malvazija or malvoisie is a bright white wine, fragrant and spring, from the fresh air of mystical green Istria and it is undoubtedly the most successful variety of Croatia. It is one of the rare varieties of dry white wine with the potential to age more than ten years while maintaining its beautiful shape, especially when it comes from large vineyards. Malvazija is available in two styles : it can be fresh, which is immediately recognizable by its IQ label, a high quality certificate. This wine is intended for consumption within 3 years of harvest. It is characterized by an abundance of fruity aromas, mainly peach, citrus or banana, and a full and mineral taste, with a refreshing and slightly bitter aftertaste.

Then Malvazija is also able to age in a variety of barrels of oak or acacia and the choice of winemakers of different sizes. Depending on the winemaking and aging process, it is ready to be sold at the earliest two years after harvest.

The red teran is the indigenous variety of Istria highly regarded for its naturally high acidity, its exceptionally dark color which, in a young wine, can be closer to purple.

Its specific taste offers notes of bright red fruits and pepper. Of all the Croatian varieties, this one has the highest potential for aging over the years and the specimens of selected crops can last for decades.



Valle – Momjan Vineyard, Istria

The vineyards of the region are located mainly in the hinterland. The small valley of Valle at the foot of the tiny medieval town of Momjan and Muscat (Moscato Momiano) is now a protected wine, a single glass of this delight will remain forever etched in your memory!



Istria reminds some of Italy, very close; others see its rocky coves and turquoise waters as unique.

During your wine-tour you will begin your stay in Italy, by the region of Friuli and then, for a romantic day you will discover the charm of Venice, before diving with us in the heart of this wonderful and shimmering region that Istria.