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Supra : the sacred feast


It is one of the local traditions most appreciated and admired by the vast majority of the population. It is impossible to find a feast, a dinner or a gathering where you drink alcohol without giving toasts, and that is why the country considers this tradition as a work of art in its own right. The event is immutably structured and organized in accordance with the traditions of the centenary.

Powerful figure of the tradition, during a Supra his task is to weld and unify the group: the Tamada is a term used throughout Transcaucasia (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) to designate the master of ceremonies who chairs the table of the guests and who, throughout the meal will pay tribute to his guests by dedicating them toasts, which are sometimes real odes to the fraternity.


The Tamada of Tbilisi city


The origin of the Supra dates back to Greek antiquity, notably Platon and the “Symposion” (Greek feast). It synthesizes all the collective ideal of the country, its spirit of clan. living tradition, which punctuates the life of every Georgian, even if it is less popular with younger generations for whom it embodies a hierarchical and patriarchal view of society.

It is nevertheless often the main objective of any meeting, including professional. After two hours of conference, Georgians can spend six in banquet! Guests usually receive their guests at a round table.

The Tamada must ensure the communion of the group and is concerned interrupt the possible individual conversations and force the audience to listen toast and toast, other men will punctuate the banquet polyphonic songs.

All will eat very well, new dishes will be regularly brought, and the wine flows!